About Us

CIT is a project that is developed over the past 6 months with the main goal, to exclude the crypto markets volatility.

Our team consists crypto enthusiasts, traders, marketeers and financial experts. In future our team will expand with blockchain experts that will help us develop all our products.

We don't aim to become high tech company. Our goal is to create a safe and solid investment opportunity within the current volatile crypto market. The crypto market has exploded in growth and value over the previous 12 months. But the crypto market is still in its 'infant' stage and has a huge potential to grow multiple times in upcoming years and decades.

There are still a lot of people/investors that aren't involved yet in this market, why? The biggest reason is that a lot of people are afraid of the volatility in the existing crypto market. A lot of currencies can drop 10-20% or even more within 24 hours. Coins can go up as well that much but a lot of people are afraid of the drops. And this is where CIT is stepping up. We are the very first currency that will not be influenced by pump/dump, supply and demand, news, hype or new developments. Our coins value will be completely determined by the existing crypto market.

In this way we will be a currency that will have REAL value from the minute that it will launch officially.

Our coin will not become a pump and dump coin, but will be a stable investment for crypto enthusiasts and will grow in a stable way in future. This is what a lot of people are looking for, a solid, safe and stable opportunity in the existing crypto market.



One of our biggest advantages will be our transparency.

First of all we will be fully transparent about all the holdings that are backing the value of our coin. Every day our list will be updated by using www.cryptocompare.com. As soon as we officially launch there will be several links published where every member can check the value of all the assets backing our coin.                                                                                                                                           

Trading results and mining activities will be displayed publically as well



As company we want to be as transparent as in our activities.

officially registered company in UK:

CIT-world ltd , company number 11084474

adress: 71-75 Shelton street, Covent garden, London,WC2H 9JQ, United Kingdom

This is our official registered adress and company. At this moment we are preparing everything to open our working office in Spain.