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ICO details

total supply 30.000.000

POS coin

Our coin can't be mined. Our company owns all the 30.000.000 coins. Only purchased coins will circulate publically and have a value backed by our holdings. All unsold coins stay on the companies wallet. And don't have any real value until they get purchased and come into public circulation.

ICO supply

7.500.000 are available during the public ICO token sale. All unsold tokens will be added to the companies balance and will have no value until they get sold and are backed by assets.

ICO stages

stage 1 750.000 0.80$/token
stage 2 750.000 0.85$/token
stage 3 1.000.000 0.90$/token
stage 4 1.000.000 0.95$/token
stage 5 2.000.000 1.00$/token
stage 6 2.000.000 1.10$/token

Fund Distribution

  • 10% is used for our affiliate system
  • 45% is used to fund our long term portfolio
  • 45% is used to fund our short term portfolio